Welcome to our headquarter in Monheim

We store and process DOM and cold-drawn seamless tubes, using the widest variety of steel quality on a warehouse and production area of 6,500 m². Starting from material E355 right up to very tough grades of steel, such as the P700 mod., having a yield strength of min. 700 N/mm²,  impact strength of 100 joule at -20 °  C longitudinal and 80 Joule at -20  °C transverse.


  • 1982 company Seidel Stahlrohr GmbH was founded by Rudolf Seidel
  • 1982 Take over of the DOM-Tubes sales & marketing and distribution network of Copperweld USA
  • 1987 Building of a new Office and warehouse space in Monheim am Rhein
  • 1990 Start of production of cylinder and piston tubes up to 13 meters in honed condition
  • 1992 Warehouse capacitiy increased up to 2.500 m²
  • 1992 Investment in CNC threading machines for end preparation of cylinder tubes.
  • 2000 Enlargement of the inside machining with a CNC controlled deep-hole boring machine
  • 2002 Production widening by investement in a new CNC controlled roller burnishing machine with a fully automatic loading and unloading station for cylindertubes up to 9 meters
  • 2003 Enlargement of the CNC-controlled End preparation
  • 2006 Purchase of a new roller burnishing machine for lengths up to 9 meters
  • 2006 Enlargement of the company area up to 17.000 m² and of the entire production area up to 6.500m², a well as new offices
  • 2006 Extension of the Tube end preparation with a new machine including robot technology for the handling of cylinder tubes up to a weight of 110 Kg
  • 2007 Installation of a NC-controlled honing machine for workpiece lengths up to 10.000 mm and a Outside Diameter up to 620 mm
  • 2007 Investment in a most modern skiving and roller burnishing machine and a deep drilling machine for lengths up to 12 meters and with a inside diemeter up to 300 mm
  • 2008 Extension of the Tube and end preparation to 4 machines in total
  • 2009 Upgrade the production line by including Piston tubes and rods
  • 2009 Turning lathe for lengths up to 11.000 mm
  • 2012 Investement in a further Sking and roller burnishing machine lengths up to 9.000 mm
  • 2015 Enlargement of the End preparation with a High speed Saw cutting center
  • At the Moment we employ 32 employees in the office and the production, as well