ZylinderrohreCylinder tubes
ZylinderrohreCylinder tubes

Cylinder tubes

According to DIN Norm:

EN 10305, EN 10305-2, ASTM A 513, ASTM A 519, in stainless steel and aluminium

We supply hydraulic cylinder tubes made out of the steel grades E 355 to P700mod., stainless steel 1.4301, Valima 1.4306, 1.4571, 1.4404 and other varieties for trade and industry. The tubes are processed by qualified personnel using the most modern CNC machines.

As a result of our very own manufacturing depth and process control, we have a decisive influence on the quality of the material, the production and on the inner surfaces.

Although this makes Seidel Stahlrohr one of the largest manufactures of hydraulic cylinder tubes in Europe, thanks to modern logistics and process automation, even small lot sizes can be supplied economically.. 

Our delivery program of cylinder tubes includes inner diameters from 38 to 320 mm and lengths up to maximum 12,000 mm, with ISO-tolerance H8. Surface roughness Ra maximum 0.20 µm. Special surfaces, for example, having a specific bearing line fraction or other parameters can be manufactured. Optional we could produce for you as a subcontracter.