HPS-Tubes (SSID) according to DIN EN 10305-2

HPS tubes are welded cold drawn, pre-finished cylinder tubes with drawing technical function smoothed surface. The surface of the inner diameter is smoothed by a special drawing technique and compacted.

Characteristics of HPS-Tubes (SSID):

  • Inside diameter tolerances H9 - H10, depends on the diameter
  • Roughness max. 0,8 µm
  • Outside diameter according DIN EN 10305-2
  • Straightness 1:1.000 mm
  • Max. eccentricity 4 %
  • Condition + C according DIN EN 10305-2

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HPS-H Tubes (SSID) according to Seidel Finishing-Technology

The surface of conventional HPS-tube is not sufficient in many cases for the intended use as a cylindrical tube, because the surface is not smooth enough drawing technology. Seals can easily be damaged and times are reduced. Here we are with our new product, the HPS-H pipe to. A combination of peeling, burnishing and honing allows us a highly efficient post-processing of the solid surface. The HPS-H surface structure is fundamentally changed by our process, flaws and fine grooving eliminated and equalized.

The result is a satin finish which has a distinct advantage: The defined micro-roughness on the surface collects the oil for optimum lubrication of seals. For a roughness of Ra <0.3 microns, the service life is increased.

Your benefits after honing acc. HPS-H method:

  • Improved internal diameter tolerance
  • smoother surface
  • Expansion of applications